Year 9 Arts Level 1 Award with Blazing Sables

A group of Year 9 students were given the fantastic opportunity to take part in the Arts Level 1 Award, led by Stella Photis MA from Blazing Sables. Stella was impressed by the students taking part and said the following:

Blazing Sables was delighted to run a 12-week Special Makeup FX, level 1 arts award programme for three talented students at Eastbrook School, Holly, Nancy, and Alfie, who thoroughly enjoyed the course and are in the process of being moderated by Trinity College London.

I was impressed with the quality of the students work which was created from an idea of their own, and brought to life in an end of course, total-look. They learned how to recreate wounds like, bruises, cuts, grazes, burns and other blood, guts ā€˜nā€™ gore. They created impressive mood boards to display on the arts award board and a fabulous portfolio of work.

For their hard work and commitment to the course, they will earn a Qualification in the Arts Level 1 Award, and a Blazing Sables Certificate of Achievement to add to their qualification portfolio. They now want to progress on to the Intermediate Level 2 Silver Arts Award.

Special thanks to Mrs Timms, Mr Tobias, and Mr Frith who gave their students the opportunity to experience Art Award, and welcomed me into their school

We are extremely PROUD of the students who took part and have been impressed with the portfolio of work they produced.

Mrs Timms