Award Winners

In recognition of their hard work and consistent effort in year 7, the following year 8 students received a letter of Commendation and Head Teacher’s Proud Points.

Staff are both impressed and delighted with their approach to their studies, these student have clearly demonstrated a positive attitude towards school.

Well done and keep up the good work.

Simona Ivanova                Holly Thorogood                 Ejiro Erikigho

Ryan Birch                          Erin Melloy                            Aisha Iqbal

Jack Graves                        Leanne Uzoma-Ubani      Zahirah Uddin

Teddy James                     Victoria Andrian                  Ela Ozcan

Tommy Illot                      Hasan Karagandere            Kamal Hammed

Enjiola Osikoya                Sanija Arididane                  Tamara Sullivan

Vickie Lagui                      Sophie Sams                           Tameem Hassan

Rebecca Carsteniou          Emma Jackson                 Mauro Coly

Emily Sanders                     Sukraj Singh                       Rabia Noor

Conor Schwartz                  Callum Hewitt                 

Miss McKee