Week 16 – Team creative spirit

We had an excellent start to the week with productive online learning with an ever growing student population who are making effective use of their time at school. Within our PROUD values they are showing great resilience and putting 100 per cent effort into achieving the best results for themselves.

On Monday we did team skills in the sports hall. Idris showed great understanding when supporting Tom. The skill sets needed for badminton, basketball, table tennis and football were explored in smaller groups giving the students more opportunities within our PROUD ethos to be open, understanding and disciplined learning valuable teamwork and communication skills.

On Tuesday, Warren Cooper showed excellent leadership and navigational skills when taking the group to the Chase where they had an opportunity to explore plants, insects and some of the animal kingdom in their natural habitat.

Midweek we split the students into 2 smaller groups and some of them became more resilient using their creative and practical maths skills with some new DT skills to design a small wooden car that was designed for a younger Childs toy. Under the excellent teaching and leadership skills of Mr Bye they were able to accumulate practical skills in the DT workshop. Claire Wallis showed amazing flair, Ali Chebli made an amazing blood car and Casie Leigh West created a lovely new model car whilst supporting Hayley who  showed great resilience to achieve her goal even though she has found it difficult.

We finished the week with a choice of team sports and art or taking virtual tours around the world of museums and Aquariums.

A great week.