Performance Review

During the 2019_20 lockdown, your child’s form tutor kept in touch through regular phone calls and subject teachers set relevant work online.  We also kept parents updated with how their child is getting on with the distance learning work set, we did this by reporting every fortnight, a summary ‘in the round’ of how your child was engaging with and completing work set by different subjects, we called this Performance Review, and it was accessed by parents through the online free platform ‘Show My Homework’.  Form tutors also then called home to discuss the Performance Review.

Teachers have now completed Performance Reviews for their classes on SMHW for the period between start of term and Friday 9th October.  If parents find this useful then we will continue to do this throughout the academic year.

The Performance Review has been designed to be a ‘snapshot’ Red/Amber/Green rating of effort and quality of work in class and homework.  It has been set up on ‘Show My Homework’ as a task so parents can access this task on their parent login and see the RAG colour associated next to a subject for your child.

We are sending parent PINS again to some parents incase they need to setup their login again, this will be letter given to your child to take home, we will send you text message when this happens, and also there is a quick help guide to the letter on how you can access your child’s ‘Show My Homework’ grade book, also found by clicking here.

Red = you have not produced enough work in school and homework is also a concern.
Amber = you have produced a reasonable amount of work in school but homework is a concern.
Green = you have produced a good amount of work both in school and at home and to a good standard. Well done

Where tutors find concerns they will also follow up with a brief phone call before end of term, October 2020.


Showmyhomework – for students

Email/Username – this is your school email (which is also known as an Office365 account)

Password: you have set this already (to be the same as your school login password)


Logging in as a parent