Ofsted – well worth the wait!

Parents and students will be aware that we received 3 visits from Ofsted last year. The last of these was at the start of July and I reported then that we would circulate the letter as soon as possible. Unfortunately it has taken until now for it to be published … but it was well worth the wait !

The letter confirms that:

  • Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action in order for the school to become a good school.
  • Pupils’ behaviour has continued to improve, and that … systems for behaviour management are clear.
  • The ‘character curriculum’ supports work ….across the primary and secondary phases.
  • Subject leaders have clear intent for the curriculum and have a rationale for teaching topics in the order they do.
  • In the secondary school, support for pupils with low attainment in reading has also improved …. this supports pupils to catch up where they have fallen behind

Follow the link below for the full letter

Ofsted letter – July 2021

We are delighted that the hard work of everyone at the school has been recognised and that Ofsted believe we are taking the right steps to make Eastbrook the great school it deserves to be. We want to thank all of our students and parents for their support and contributions to making this such a successful visit.