Ofsted Letter – A Cause for Celebration

I previously informed our school community that we were inspected by Ofsted in February and that it had gone very well for us. We have just received the official letter and I wanted to share it with everyone as it is such a cause for celebration. It recognises the incredibly hard work that everyone at Eastbrook has put into ensuring the best possible education for our students in recent times and states that we have taken effective action throughout this time.

Click on the image to see the letter in full

It is difficult to select highlights as it is all so positive, but some of the most pleasing statements for me include:

  • ‘Leaders and those responsible for governance are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances.’
  • ‘Pupils know how they should behave, both around school and when they are learning at home. Improvements to behaviour have supported leaders’ work to provide education in the current circumstances.’
  • ‘Leaders and staff are keeping a close eye on how well all Year 11 pupils are learning. They expect pupils to do their best in all subjects and are quick to support those who need extra help.’
  • ‘Leaders have ensured that school-based social workers continue to provide the well-being therapies that vulnerable pupils need to maintain their focus on learning.’
  • ‘Many pupils with SEND are currently attending school. Leaders and staff have ensured that these pupils’ education has, as far as possible, continued seamlessly. This is the case for pupils on site or at home. Tailored support is provided to these pupils when they are learning on site.’

I am also very pleased that the inspectors recognised the work the staff have done on adapting the curriculum to ensure that it responds to the needs of our students

Finally, I am delighted that the inspection team captured the support that we have from our parents. They said:

  • ‘You have strong support for the actions you have taken and continue to take during the pandemic. Most staff and parents and carers that responded to the Ofsted surveys agreed with what you are doing to steer the school to a better place. In particular, parents are pleased with the care staff have shown for pupils’ well-being while they have been learning remotely.’

I want to thank our parents for their support and taking the time to complete the survey.

All in all a very pleasing recognition of all the hard work that has got in to ensuring our students continue to learn and thrive at Eastbrook.