Les langues sont un atout !

For the last two weeks, it has been an immense privilege to come back to my old school after having been at Oxford University working towards a degree in French.

I spent time in the French department working with students across the year groups, whether it be in small-grouped interventions, assisting with classwork or inspiring them to study another language.

In this time, the students have been engaged and have excelled in all aspects of the French syllabus. Languages play a huge part in both the lives of the many diverse and multicultural students Eastbrook has but also in the wider working society so to see young people striving to improve their linguistic skills is an immense delight.

Moreover, it is refreshing to see how eager the KS4 students are to learn more about achieving their aspirations, particularly those who intend to go on to university. I find that the knowledge I have gained at Oxford of both the ‘student lifestyle’ and the admissions process has been invaluable, and it has been my mission to transfer this information to those who are in a position I was in not too long ago.

Nevertheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and trust that the students will continue to remain inquisitive and aim high. I find that it is the fantastic mix of solid teaching, versatile pastoral care and an emphasis on character education which sets Eastbrook aside and I cannot express how happy am to have returned.

Merci Eastbrook!

A. Tucker (Former Student)