GCSE Results celebration

We are really pleased with the outcomes this summer, coupled with the recent Good Ofsted outcome, the improvement is founded on strong practices at Eastbrook.

Results across subjects show marked improvement from 2019, when students last sat actual examinations.  Grade 9-5 in both English and Maths up by 12% on 2019 outcomes.  Students achieving the Ebacc standard almost double since 2019.  The percentage of students achieving grade 5+ across 5 subjects including En/Ma has doubled.

We have seen an improvement in Attainment score with overall grades across subjects improving on 2019, as well we are happy to report grades 9-7 up 4% on 2019 outcomes.

Vast array of students have achieved a good set of 10 GCSE grades amongst which there are grade 9’s.

We want to commend Year 11 for persevering through and doing us proud, everyone will recognize what an accomplishment all young people have achieved nationally enduring over the past few years.  Cllr Elizabeth Kangethe, Cabinet member for Educational Attainment & School Improvement, attended the results day and met students, she was left very impressed by the good work being done here at Eastbrook.