Fruit Glorious Fruit

All parents will be well aware of the impact that sugary drinks and snacks can have on the concentration and behaviour of young people. They undoubtedly have a significant effect on their capacity to focus for sustained periods of time. After such a long period of lockdown, it is essential that all of our students are able to fully focus on their studies and give their best throughout the school day. For this reason we have told students that sugary food and drink – including sweets, chocolates, fizzy and sweetened drinks, and crisps – are not to be brought to school. As an alternative they should bring water or natural fruit juice, along with fresh fruit to have as their snack. We have also changed our canteen menu accordingly.

Our students have responded very positively to this new rule and understand why it has been introduced. We are confident that it has contributed to the outstanding start all our students have made to the new term, and believe that this additional measure will help them to sustain their excellent attitude to learning and go on to achieve great things. Our thanks go to all of our parents for their support with this.