Eastbrook’s Miyawaki Outdoor Classroom

Year 7 and 8 students participated in the school Miyawaki outdoor classroom project.

We have taken part in a project to re wild industrialised East London. The creation of a Miyawaki forest here will restore the soil, create a vibrant biodiversity corridor, and bring nature closer for neighbours, families and the borough as a whole. Students were given the opportunity to observe rewilding in progress and exploration of the forest will supplement the studies of both primary and secondary pupils. The dense planting of native trees will also help to reduce pollution in the air, creating a healthier atmosphere for the entire school community. Learning in nature improves a childs behavior and helps them to build stronger relationships, by reducing stress and anger.

Over the period of 2 days, our studentsĀ  planted approximately 900 trees alongside our primary students.

It was a fantastic experience for the students to immerse themselves in nature and the process of tree planting. Students were able to learn and understand the importance of planting trees for future generations to enjoy. The students are looking forward to watching the forest flourish over the coming years.

All students that were involvedĀ  were a credit to the school and we are extremely PROUD of them.