Character Education in Action

At Eastbrook we explicitly teach Character Education to all of our students as part of our ‘Character and Academics’ curriculum. This work centres around the understanding and application of our PROUD values.

The acronym PROUD stands for

  • Principled
  • Resilient
  • Open
  • Understanding
  • Disciplined

We encourage and expect our students to demonstrate these values each day when they are at school.

We received two messages from members of the public this week which I thought our school community would enjoy reading, and suggests that the hard work the students are putting in is paying off.

The first message said:

Good morning,

This morning as I was driving to work, I saw 2 of your pupils – probably year 7 or year 8 as they looked very young, assist a gentleman in a wheelchair.

They were crossing the road by the police station at the bottom of Dagenham East Hill, when one of the boys spoke to the gentlemen (I’m guessing to ask if he needed help), then turned his chair around and started to push him up the hill towards the station.

I thought it was a lovely thing to do and thought their school should know, maybe if a message could somehow be sent to your year 7’s & 8’s

It put a smile on my face, let alone the gentleman they helped this morning 😊

Best Regards


And the second read:

Just a quick message to say my husband and I were sitting in traffic outside the school at the end of the school day .

We were so impressed in the behaviour of all the students as they came out of the school . All superbly behaved walking down the street . A credit to the school .

It is lovely to receive such messages as they inform us of the wonderful things our students do, but also show us the value and impact of our Character Education programme


Paul Frith

Headteacher – Secondary