Black Excellence Role Models – Visual Arts Competition

On Monday 13th June, the Visual Arts Department ran the inaugural inter-house Black Excellence art competition. Students from each House selected a Black Excellence role model and worked as a team to produce a 3D model of their chosen person. Each House was represented by one student from each year groups 7-10.

The competition took place over two sessions. In the first session, students worked together to select one role model. They printed images and wrote about who they selected and why. Students then painted the cut-out silhouette in the correct skin colours. In the second session, students used a range of materials to make clothing and finalised the model.

Congratulations go to Lion House for a resounding win! This team worked the best together and produced an excellent model, which you can see displayed in the Visual Arts department. Congratulations to Hawk House who came a close second. You can read the statements by each group of students here.

The following points have been awarded to each House:

1.    Lion – 400 points

2.    Hawk – 300 points

3.    Bear – 200 points

4.    Alligator – 100 points

Well done to all the students and a big thank you to Miss Bainbridge for organising the competition. Look out for our display of the models in the Visual Arts department.