School Closure

As directed by the Government, the school is currently closed for the vast majority of students. For these pupils, education continues from home.

Remote learning arrangements for Yr11 and Yr13 for 6th, 7th & 8th January 2021 will continue as planned. Details can be found on this link.

Detail of remote learning arrangements for all students from Yr7 to Yr13, from the 11th January 2021 can be found here.

The school remains open for two specific groups of pupils: those whose parents are defined as critical workers and those who are particularly vulnerable including those with EHC plans. Information on which parents and children fall into these categories can be found here.

A number of parents have informed us that they fall into the category of ‘critical worker’. Their children are attending school. We ask any other parents who fall into this category to contact the school as soon as possible via email at, or on our office number: 020 3780 3609 so that we can arrange for your child to continue to attend school.

We have also identified those pupils who are in the second category, those that are vulnerable including those with EHC plans, and have contacted their parents and carers. If you believe your child falls into this latter category and you have not heard from us, please contact us as above.

Regarding Summer Exams, it would seem that these have been cancelled. Please be assured that we will work closely with the various organisations to ensure we share with you the plans going forward.  The planned Yr11 mock exams will be cancelled until further notice.

However, at this time the January Exams are going ahead as planned, so please do come in for your exam if you have one scheduled, for example BTEC and OCR exams.

Thank you for your continued support and for working with us in the weeks ahead.