A random act of kindness

Last week we reported that a member of the public had alerted us to an act of kindness by our students who went out of their way to help a gentleman in a wheel chair. Click here for the original story. The only problem was we couldn’t work out who the students were!

After some excellent detective work by Mr Samuels, we now know that it was two of our Year 7 students, David Oshiyoku and Riley Davey. The fact that they didn’t boast about what they had done or let anyone know, but just helped the gentleman because it was the right thing to do, makes it even more special.

It is said that ‘a good deed is it’s own reward’ and that is true …. but we think David and Riley deserve a little more. They have been awarded a ‘Headteacher’s PROUD award’ and have been given permission to be first in the lunch queue every day until half term … and they have their picture on the website with Mr Frith.

Well done boys … your school is PROUD of you!