Still winning

We are pleased to announce another Basketball ┬ávictory for our boys U16 team, after they played, and won, a fantastic game against Sydney Russell. The the boys have been amazing and so far have won every single game in the league. Please take time and congratulate them as they well deserve. This winning streak is a result of our Y11’s having put so much effort into training.

On behalf of the PE Department I would like to thank you all for your support and cooperation. It is much appreciated.

The following students are part of this amazing journey:


  • Jeremiah Bryan Cambell
  • Joshua Olufemi Olukami
  • Benedit Panzo
  • Philip Edobor
  • Jayden Gallimore
  • Posi Ogunlowo
  • Ayo Ibuola
  • Umar Busairi


  • Ianis Nica
  • Hung Chen
  • Michael Dekina
  • Jordan Taveres
  • Danny Morales Groom
  • Elliot Ngandu
  • Latif L