Year Five’s visit to Kew Gardens

Today, Year Five children had the great pleasure of being able to visit Kew Gardens. What an amazing experience!

Pupils started the day by exploring the amazing gardens and being able view the amazing plant and tree species that were on display. From poppies, to mint, palm oil trees,  lilies and venus fly traps- a multitude of plants and trees were there to see.

As part of the taught session, pupils had the opportunity to smell, taste and feel a range of items that had come from the Amazon Rainforest. For example, pupils rotated around three workstations in order to taste different foods such as: mango, ginger and plantain. They also had the opportunity to smell coffee beans, vanilla, cardamon, star anise, cinnamon, cacao beans, annatto and palm oil. Once pupils familiarised themselves with each item, they then had to play a game of supermarket sweep whereby they had to match the food items with the natural source in which it had been derived from. Year Five demonstrated great engagement and enthusiasm.

Finally, pupils looked at a range of historical artefacts. They discussed each item in turn and were able to identify what each item was, the function and how it was used. This exploration and discovery enabled pupils to further what they had learnt in class and to enhance their understanding through a hands-on experience.