Year 6 – Stubbers 2022

What a day!

Today saw our Year 6 children embark on an adventure that will long live in the memory. Representing the first visit of its kind at Eastbrook Primary, the visit to the Stubbers Activity Centre in Upminster was full of action and adventure.

The morning activities found the children demonstrating their marksmanship with Rifle Shooting and Laser Combat sessions before lunchtime. Under the careful and expert guidance of the hard-working and dedicated Marshalls of Stubbers, the children learnt how to load, aim and fire an air-rifle and were able to take home their targets as souvenir provided they managed to hit it!

After getting in some target practice, the entire group gathered together and loaded up the laser tag equipment. After the necessary safety briefings, the class engaged in two battles of Team Deathmatch before a round of Protect the President. The session was rounded off with a Mexican Standoff with the Blue Team emerging as 3-1 victors.

After a brief stop for lunch and a quick change into more suitable clothes, it was time to head to the water. Next up was a double session of Kayaking. Some of the children took to the water like the fluffy goslings who almost joined in with a game of water polo. For others, it might take another session or two to earn their water legs. This session culminated in a large splash battle with everyone in the water. The weather certainly helped in this case.

The final activity for this year’s adventure took the form of Raft Building. Given the choice between three different types of raft, once again it was Red vs Blue with the former trying to make up for their performance in the laser combat, in a race to build their raft first. Both groups initially struggled with the concept of teamwork and the building of the raft may have gone on for a bit longer than it should have. Eventually, the rafts were ready and the moment of truth came. Both rafts managed to stay afloat for the ten minutes they were needed for on the water! However, the blue team struggled to stay on board and points had to be deducted for this.

The scores ended up honours even with everyone coming out a winner after a wonderful day out. Well done Year 6, you have blazed a trail for others for years to come.