Year 6 Spring Clean Your Mind

As part of their Spring virtues day, Year 6 spent some time thinking about the virtue of cleanliness. Rather than consider the literal meaning of the virtue, they explored what it might mean to have cleanliness within their own minds and even in the classroom.

They considered how ‘loud’ their minds were. Even when there was no sound around them, they could hear and feel the loudness within themselves. Having practiced some mindfulness techniques and opening up to consider cleansing their minds, the children experienced what it was like to have a quiet mind and to contemplate themselves in the moment.

They appreciated that being able to stop and recognise their own emotions and be able to regulate themselves regardless of the situation is a virtuous behaviour and is something they would gladly pass forwards to other people. The pictures below were some of the thoughts and feelings they had whilst they felt their loud and quiet minds.


If ever you need to find yourself in a moment stop and ask yourself; Which one of your feet is warmer?