We will remember them…

Year six began our Rememberance commemorations on Monday, when they led a whole school assembly, in which they described why we wear poppies at this time of year. They also told us why there are different coloured poppies; black for the people of black origin who were involved in the war effort, purple for the animals (carrier pigeons, horses and dogs) who helped humans and white poppy worn by pacifists. All of the children spoke with clarity and compassion about the soldiers who fought in the World Wars.

At 11:00am, on Friday 11th of November, the whole school from reception to Year 13, gathered on the secondary field to take part in a Rememberance service. Ms. Higgins reminded us why we were there and two secondary school pupils read some very moving tributes about the soldiers who fought in the wars. The last post was played and everyone remained silent for two minyes, in a show of respect.

During this week, classes in the primary school have been making a variety of poppies, they look beautiful and some are displayed for all to see in our corridor.