Simply SENSEsational!

Year 1 children had a simply SENSEsational science lesson today where they showcased their ability to apply their five different senses to solve problems and complete challenges.

Firstly, the children learnt how to ‘take their eye for a walk’ to observe all of the details of an object to produce an excellent observational sketch. We had some absolute terrific tulips drawn and the children’s sense of sight certainly helped them to notice all of the specific details. Challenge 1- completed it!

Next, the children’s sense of hearing was put to the test. How many coins was Mrs Turner dropping into the jar? All eyes were closed and covered so the only was to know was to switch our listening ears up and pay close attention. Challenge 2- no problem!

Moving onto the third (and most tasty) sense, the children used their tastebuds to rank their preference of crisps. It was a hard choice to choose between cheesy balls, onion rings and bacon rashers with some children wanting to rank them all in first place, but it created a good dialogue about different tastes like salty and bitter. Challenge 3- gobbled it up!

Penultimately, the children tested their sense of smell by trying to identify the hidden smells in the cups. There were some very interesting guesses-including smelly socks and curry powder. Judging by the photos, the red onion was definitely a favourite of Year 1. Problem 4- nailed it!

And last but not least, Year 1 pupils put their fifth sense of touch to the test. Given two different compresses, could the children feel anything that was similiar about them and anything that was different? Yes, they could! They confidently explained that they were both soft and squidgy, but one had been in the freezer and was frozen and the other one had been in the microwave and was warm. Challange 5- smashed it!

Our senses really are superheroes, just like you Year 1!