Reading Festival!

What a day! The children in Reception have had a fabulous Friday, along with the rest of the school for their ‘Reading festival’. They were so engaged when meeting Ann Bryant the author, they joined in with acting out the story of ‘Jungle home’. The children moved around the hall like the creatures in the book, repeating the lines and becoming the characters.

After snack they went on a NowPressPlay adventure, it was the first time the children had used the headphones and fun was had by all as they listened carefully.

Then the book swap. They showed gratitude for their new books, excited to see what stories they could take home. Some of the children even swapped with the friends because they had books they had already read or some just wanted to a different topic.

In the afternoon the children joined the rest of the school on the field, for the first time this year the whole school sat together and it was a wonderful moment. They watched the performance of Ann Bryant, Kimba and the other children. Everybody when home with a smile on the face, glitter in their hair and even more passion for reading!