Planting Seeds Of Knowledge- Science Jamboree

Year 1 children have had a fascinating afternoon participating in today’s Science Jamboree live session  all about remarkable plants from around the world. The children first had to identify whether each plant came from the rainforest or the desert by exploring the shapes and sizes of the leaves. There were a few red herrings in there that made this job trickier than it sounds but the children gladly persevered on, regardless. The pupils learnt all about various adaptations that some of the plants had made based on where they live, such as how they collect and store water to survive during periods of drought in the desert. Many other interesting facts were shared throughout the afternoon, including the children’s favourite of the whole session- that the cactus plant is also known as ‘ the old man of the desert’ because of its white beard like appearance. To end the session, the children thoroughly enjoyed dissecting an aloe vera plant to see the gloopy goodness hiding inside. They were amazed to find out that this ingredient was vital to many skincare treatments.  Curiosity at its finest!