Marvellous Mummification

Year three pupils became embalmers today! They learnt how to create a mummy from a dead body and what a long and messy process it was!

Pupils were able to slit open the stomach of the monkey, placing it’s stomach, liver, intestines and lungs into canopic jars. The brain was dragged out through the nostrils, ewwwhhh! The mummy was then stuffed with sawdust, stitched up, covered in salt and left to dry out for forty days. After that, it was bandaged up with linen strips, amulets placed inside the wrappings and placed in a sarcophagus. Egyptians believed that they would need their body in the afterlife so they preserved it so carefully!

The pupils were excellent embalmers and carefully followed the process. They will be writing the different stages of the process down in their history books during their next lesson.