If You Go Down To The Woods Today You’re In For A Big… TREAT

A riddle arrived in the Reception class on Tuesday morning explaining they had to go down to the woods to find their treat. They were very excited to head off to the forest in the sun together. What they found were woodland creatures and the children were able to identify them as the characters in the Gruffalo. One of the children then spotted a book hidden up in a tree, the Gruffalo of course! The notes explained that they were going to enjoy the story in the sun and then go back to school to make Gruffalo cakes.

The children worked so well in the kitchen and came up with these creative cake creatures! Smarties for his orange eyes, mini marshmallows for his horns and fangs, and buttons for his ears. The children earnt this treat by getting a special mention for their respectful behavior while their class teacher was not in.