Hey, Ho…Which Way Do We Go?

Year 1 opened their first computing unit of work, ‘We are treasure hunters’, by consolidating their understanding of key directional language such as ‘left, right, forwards and backwards’ through a ‘switched off’ lesson. To do this, they first participated well with the song ‘Over the deep blue sea’ and tried to follow the instructions carefully and move in the correct direction . Next, the children headed outside and practiced giving clear, precise instructions such as, ‘forwards 5’, to Mrs Elie and their friends to help each other to find the treasure. It didn’t always go right first time, but with perseverance, eventually the treasure was found and enjoyed by all. Just look at how excited Mrs Elie was to be a successful treasure hunter. Next week, the children will begin to apply this new knowledge during a ‘switched on’ lesson and successfully guide the BeeBot around a treasure map.