Forest Survivors!

It was a cold frosty morning however, Year Three braved the frost to go to the Eastbrook Forest today, as their entry point to their new Geography topic – Islands! The children imagined that they were stranded on a remote island, covered with dense forest. The children had to use their survival skills to get by.

Firstly, they had to find a fresh water source, either a pond or stream, which they did successfully. Next they had to find something to eat, luckily the island was inhabited by wild cats and a variety of monkeys. Once they found their food, they learnt how to whittle sticks into spears to catch and kill the animals!

The next task was to secure a shelter with rope and a tarp that had been washed up on the shore. The pupils were amazing, working in small groups they constructed shelters, protecting them from the sun and rain.

Lastly, the children learnt how to light a fire with a flint and steel. As a reward for their hard work the children were treated to toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. It was a pleasure to see the school virtues of teamwork, a love of learning and kindness being fully demonstrated in the forest session.