Filtration systems and the Forest School

Pupils in year 5 have been learning about rivers in Geography. They are beginning to use the technical vocabulary for specific features with greater confidence. This has included words such as:

Source- this is where the river begins.

Mouth- where a river meets the sea/ocean.

Meander- the bends of a river.

They have also explored the different ways that people use rivers which include, generating hydroelectricity, fishing, farming, growing crops (as the ground is rich with nutrients) and collecting drinking water. Year 5 pupils learnt about some of the river uses associated with the indigenous tribes within the Amazon rainforest. They explored just how important the Amazon river is to their everyday lives, and how they collect drinking water.

Today, pupils created their own filtration systems using plastic bottles, grease-proof paper, soil, stones, shrubs and water. Following this, pupils then used natural objects to create images of animals and insects that may be found near rivers, specifically the Amazon River.

All pupils displayed great curiosity, teamwork, resourcefulness and community awareness. They all ensured that they tidied up after they had completed their activities.