Equality and Excellence at Eastbrook

Last term pupils had the opportunity to apply to be a member of the Equality and Excellence Committee. Mrs. Fernandes was overwhelmed with the response and applications to join the committee, she carefully read through each application form and eventually chose 11 pupils from Key Stage 2 to be the founding members. The committee will meet every 2 weeks and they have already made a great start on some projects in school. The members have been very enthusiastic and eager to get going, which has been a pleasure to witness!

Every month the committee will nominate an individual, who they consider has made a difference to equality and human rights. The children will share a short presentation each month during celebration assembly, sharing and celebrating this person’s triumphs with the whole school. Also the committee have chosen a range of picture books that promoteĀ  a message of equality or promote self-esteem. In pairs, members of the committee will read and share the book with classes in the school.

The book they have chosen for January is, ‘My Hair’ by Hannah Lee, it is about a young girl who has afro hair. It is her birthday and she cannot decide how to style her hair! The book is beautifully illustrated and celebrates the natural beauty and glorious versatility of this type of hair. The book has already been shared with pupils in Year 3 who found it informative and loved listening to the story being read by their peers. We cannot wait to find out what the next book is going to be…