British Museum

As part of their History learning, Year Three have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian and a wonderful place to explore these amazing artefacts is the British Museum. The pupils were extremely excited to view some the artefacts that they had been reading and conducting researching about.

The British Museum was quite busy with other learners and members of the public but that did not stop Year Three’s determination to see the Rosetta Stone and a number of sarcophagus that were on display.

The pupils were very intrigued to see how the Ancient Egyptian used hieroglyphic on their coffins and walls. The highlight of their visit was being able to see the mummies which have been preserved for thousands of years. In addition to this, the canopic jars and the instruments that were used to carry out the mummification process. Their learning had come to life.

It was quite a phenomenal experience and one which at times as difficult to fathom. There was a little disappointment when we were leaving nevertheless, this visit to the British Museum gave all the pupils an enriching experience which will hopefully live long in their memory.