Around The World In 60 Minutes

Year 1 were the recipients of a very lovely treat this afternoon. Following on from all of our recent geography learning, one of our Year 1 friends very kindly brought in their interactive Leap Frog globe from home. This was so helpful to really reinforce the idea of the Earth being a spherical shape and not how we see it printed on maps. The children showed great teamwork to locate the UK and all seven continents that we have been learning about on the globe. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed hearing the exciting facts given by the globe and was amazed by how the clever TV screen on the base could even show us video clips and images from wherever was chosen.

Next, Year 1 used the globe to introduce the fact that the Earth’s surface is mainly covered by large bodies of water. The children now know that these bodies of water are known as oceans, not seas, and are even beginning to remember the names of some of them and where they are located. We are fortunate enough to have the globe with us for a few more days so there is still time for plenty more exploring.

I wonder where our next geography lesson will take us Year 1…