A Great Start to Online Learning

Year Three pupils have had a successful start to their learning in 2021 despite the Lockdown. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to online learning and nearly the whole class have logged into Google Classroom and Meets for live teaching sessions. Pupils have looked very smart in their school uniform, both inside the classroom and at home and they have been prepared with their home school resource packs, provided by the school prior to the lockdown. Pupils have been well supported by their parents and carers at home, which has enabled them to log in on time for live teaching sessions.

Staff have been able to deliver power point presentations, quizzes, games and role play to engage the pupils in their learning. Pupils have been encouraged to submit their work via Google Classwork or to the Dojo page, for feedback from staff.

Pupils have been classifying and researching living things and animals in Science lessons, and have shared amazing facts such as; snakes fart to keep predators away from them and an octopus has 3 hearts! Children have enjoyed listening to the class story, ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Philip Reeve and they produced several pieces of high quality writing about the book. In Maths they have been able to add and subtract money. Pupils have also enjoyed researching about islands and taking part in an online quiz to start their new topic of ‘Island Life’. They have enjoyed a singing lesson with Mrs. Vale and look forward to PE with Mrs. Nicholas next week too. It really has been an action packed week!

We hope that pupils will continue to work hard online and staff look forward to seeing them in person next week, or online. Staff would also like to thank parents and carers for their patience and support in getting online learning up and running.