A Child Who Reads Will Be An Adult Who Thinks!

Children in Year 1 and 2 put their fabulous RWI reading skills to good use today to tackle the challenges of their newest pink level reading book, ‘The dressing up box’. The children blew Mrs Turner away with their quick recall of the speedy green words at the beginning of the session. Their ‘Fred talking’ to rehearse the story green words for this text was equally as impressive, and not one single red word tricked anybody today; Fred doesn’t do red!

The teamwork shown throughout the supported reading session was absolutely phenomenal. Everybody is so familiar with the daily routines that the children just take to their roles so quickly and independently. They carefully point at the words for their partners, and as you can see, the praise and encouragement that they give to each other is simply beautiful.

Of course, it is important to check that all of that wonderful decoding is having an impact on the children’s comprehension, so of course the learning was ended with a high-quality discussion about what had been read. The children could explain their answers clearly. They confidently found evidence in the text to support their ideas, too.

Today was definitely a very proud teacher moment! See you tomorrow to grow those brains some more ‘Pink Group’.